The Waldorf Astoria Conspiracy

The Waldorf Astoria Conspiracy

By: Kian Mokhtari

Some of the largest hedge funds, private equity groups, university endowment managers, and other high rollers have met at New York's up market Waldorf Astoria hotel to facilitate “the next big thing in finance.” The event, organized by HighQuest Partners, a heavy hitter in the hedge fund market of big agro, bio-tech and bio-fuel companies charged entrance fees of $3,000. But the sinister undercurrents of the meeting have not been lost on some people.

The money managers attended because they had been promised to make between 25-40 percent returns on short-term investments in areas of the world weighed down by incredible food insecurity or weak or subservient political systems. Corrupt dictators with no moral qualms about displacing millions of souls from their ancestral lands have become the new Bourgeoisie for the Western elite. In 2009 alone, nearly 60 million hectares of arable land – an area the size of France – was purchased or leased, 70 percent of it in Africa. It’s impossible to acquire that much of land without the continued taking of land previously held by small indigenous farmers. That number has only been increasing as more and more land has been leased off to Western companies in Africa by corrupt governments. In a 2011 post on their website, HighQuest partners brag about representing $3.5 trillion in aggregated institutional assets and 25 million acres under cultivation alone: the figure is expected to double by the end of 2012.

However the above is only the farming angle on the issue. There is an even more sordid action plan in operation as we speak.

The real estate market has taken a beating courtesy of the toxic assets and mortgages debacle in the US and the West. So the focus of the murky business has shifted abroad. Shady deals with real  estate owners in the developing and the third world countries have ensured a minimum of 40 percent rise in property prices in places where the average annual income is well below $5000- per year. This means a Western land grabber can, vis-à-vis local landowning gangs, invest in real estate futures in countries that even on the face of it are politically opposed to the West. The insider gangs fix prices on the population and ensure 25-40 percent returns every other year for themselves and their Western patrons.

Talk about making a killing!

Colonialism is making a return via a backdoor to blight lives and relieve the world population of what small chances of leading healthy and productive lives they have left. The new techniques of the 1% combined with the human tendency for corruption is the next big danger for humanity.

Think about it: An investor at a luncheon in Waldorf Astoria hotel could double his or her money every four years via dodgy land investments while not a blade of grass is cultivated or a room for living is built in the developing and the third world countries.

This policy will make a desert out of the world bar where the elite choose to take up residence, which for the moment is in the western hemisphere.


+ Nader Mokhtari ; ٦:٢٧ ‎ب.ظ ; چهارشنبه ۱۳ اردیبهشت ،۱۳٩۱
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The US Democracy Rings Hollow

The US Democracy Rings Hollow

By: Kian Mokhtari

The United States' Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has signed an “indefinite delivery” from defense contractors ATK that will include nearly 500 million hollow-point ammunition for short range firearms. The department has yet to explain why they are ordering such munitions for an agency that mainly deals with domestic issues.

Hollow-point rounds are made to kill outright. They flatten on impact with the skin before entering the unfortunate victim's body, where they cause as much damage as possible before splintering to cause even more harm.

Wikipedia says: A hollow point is a bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target.

The above is a very rosy description but alas!

The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibited the use in international warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body and is in fact a continuance of the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, which banned exploding projectiles of less than 400 grams, as well as weapons designed to aggravate injured soldiers or make their death inevitable.

So the question comes to mind why would a US law enforcement agency designed to deal with domestic issues need 500 million hollow-point rounds when there are only 300 million US citizens. Does the agency plan to kill American pets along with their masters?

The world is aware that voices of discontent and dissent among the US public have manifested themselves in a number of movements whose regular demonstrations have shamed the US government. The protesters call themselves "Occupy" but the "Occupy" movement is just one movement among scores of others with a gripe or two against the rulers in America. So could it be that the so-called 1% in the US has taken fright because of a group of namby-pamby peaceful protesters to the extent that they have resorted to scare tactics?

Very possibly.

The grievances held against the US ruling elite are numerous and run very deep among the 99-percenters. From home foreclosures to racism to veteran issues the US public feels very hard done by. However the hard core of the 99ers is made up of peace loving people who would like to see 'change they can believe in' still…no really!

The American spirit runs counter to impositions of the kind that have been placed on the public over the years by countless dodgy administrations. It seems that America has been hijacked by the 1% ruling elite while the US patriots have been busy buying into their government's propaganda and going abroad to kill other members of the human family in pointless and expensive wars.

However the US public would still have bought into the nonsense put out by Washington had the system not turned on its own. The white, middleclass America has been treated to a taste of medicine usually prescribed for the third world and the taste has proven to be more than it can bear.

And now the rulers are implying to the US public that hollow-point bullets on the streets will be the order of the day if Americans continue to insist on wrestling back their constitutional rights.

All the talk about US democracy is ringing very hollow, all of a sudden.  



+ Nader Mokhtari ; ٦:٢٤ ‎ب.ظ ; چهارشنبه ۱۳ اردیبهشت ،۱۳٩۱
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C for Censorship

C for Censorship

By Kian Mokhtari

What work of complete tyranny: to force media to act as nothing more than mouthpieces for corporations and despots. But it's not unusual and has never been so throughout history for the powerful few to arrest the resources and bend the educated classes to pay lip service to their unjust and often dictatorial rules.

Humanity, by virtue of its own imperfect nature, has been struck down and let down time after time throughout history. No amount of flattery appears enough to appease the ruling classes and their insatiable feelings of insecurity or superiority complexes. Indeed history has itself been bent into a hodgepodge of contradictory accounts of how a few world-conquering murderers set about enriching themselves and those around them and thus a true account of the being of humanity has been lost.

In Arabic Tahrir meaning writing, also means freedom; cries of "pull the other one" rises to heavens!

Germany –that bastion of European democracy- has jumped on the British bandwagon and pulled Press TV off air. The reason SES Astra satellite service operating out of Munich has given for its dastardly ding-dong is that PTV does not have a European license to thrill. The above reason being the closest any satellite operator has come to a flimsy excuse for unbridled censorship, since Britain's Black Shirts at Ofcom pulled Press TV off air. But then again Ofcom does act as the humble rubber band that saves the British royals' blushes.

Many broadcasters into Europe do not have licenses and operate with complete peace of mind. But not many even attempt to air an alternative viewpoint; one that challenges the cock and bull version of events being provided by the rulers' mouthpieces.

Press TV has brought countless counterarguments to the fore and has shed light on the real background to many world events. Press TV's big mistake –should you choose to call it that- has been to uncover the Western rulers' atrocities, human rights abuses and double standards. For this reason alone the West and its lackeys across the globe have utilized their paid servants and unpaid and dimwitted mouth organs in an over the top operatic chorus to cause as much discourse as possible. The entire witch burning ceremony has received a rubber stamp of approval from London, Tel Aviv and Washington…and now Berlin!

It appears that the truth must be allowed to be buried once again so some time down the line the future generations form opinions that suit the world's ruling elite.    

The betrayal of truth is a theme that has run throughout human existence and has without fail led to catastrophes every time. A select few, who have chosen to uphold the truth against all odds, have been mercilessly crucified.

It is a sad account of human nature that sacrifices have to be made in the world we have built, just so truthful words can be spoken.

Iran's history however, from Cyrus the Great to Dr Mohammad Mossadegh is filled with those who choose human decency over greed.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ٦:٢۱ ‎ب.ظ ; چهارشنبه ۱۳ اردیبهشت ،۱۳٩۱
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Arab Spring…Extreme Rebound

Arab Spring…Extreme Rebound

By: Kian Mokhtari

The talk on the streets: do you know so and so; yeah he burnt himself to death after the thieving police took his fruit cart!

And with a few words similar to the above the Arab Spring sprang into life in Tunisia. And soon after Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Libya and Syria began their social rumblings.

Zein al Abedine Ben Ali of Tunisia was sent packing in a matter of six weeks. And then a peculiar keep them hanging transitional government was formed to see the country through to free and fair elections. But more than six months on and why are we waiting?

Egypt's autocratic and authoritarian ruler, the least likely candidate to fall, and, "easy peasy lemon squeezy" just after three weeks it was goodbye to the thirty-year rule of Hosni Mubarak. It took the people only 21 days to bring down Mubarak, a ruler feared throughout his country and the Arab world for his conning and political durability.

In Bahrain things got so bad for the former sheikh and "Johnny come lately" self-proclaimed "King", Hamad Bin Issa al Khalifa, that he had to run to his overlords. Soon the US Defense Secretary at the time Robert Gates was in Manama and almost the moment he left Saudi forces poured into Bahrain to kick the hell out of the peaceful protesters in what many called an illegal invasion. Washington argued that the Saudi forces had entered via a request by king Hamad's regime, therefore calling it an invasion would be passé.

But free men and women in the world remembered another invasion at the request of a minority government: that of Afghanistan. The propped up minority socialist regime in Kabul called on the Soviet Union to move in its troops around three decades ago; but that was called an invasion and blimey this and ruddy that and the blooming other…and all hell broke loose. At that time it was the US who put forward the argument that an unelected minority regime could not be allowed to invite foreign troops in to keep its business in the black.

So all sorts are still happening across the Arab World and North Africa with these nondescript "transitional" states of dangly regimes that have popped up out of nowhere and who maintain the interests of the previous inhabitants of the seats of power…and their Western chums of course.

But the oddest thing is beginning to take shape still.

Just the other day in Cairo's Liberation Square around fifty thousand people gathered and would not let the other sons and daughters of Egypt join their ranks. The very angry looking bunch had one physical feature in common. They all had long beards but no mustaches! They declared that they were in it for the power via their behavior -just them- oh and by the way they openly declared that they were Salafi and Wahabi extremists. They did not say they were extremists –let truth be told—but they represented and touted beliefs prevalent among al-Qaeda and Taliban.

In Libya a very visible bunch took up guns against Colonel Moammer Gadhafi. Among them were many long-bearded yet mustache less fighters, some of whom openly declared their association with al-Qaeda.

In Syria similar looking ragtag gunmen murdered hundreds of the country's army and security forces and stormed entire cities and villages.

"Mustache amiss" must have become a call to battle like: "Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war."

The "long beards with missing taches' bunch" it appears, are in league with the very same people who just keep the poor revolutionaries hanging on via military councils and transitional-reinstatement-of-the-previous-status quo gangs.

If the US must leave the region, then you can bet your worthless bottom dollar that its proxy terrorists will remain to cause misery and mayhem to ensure the Western interests remain intact and profitable. It's a stark choice that is being offered the Arab Spring devotees: accept either the new transitional governments' nonsense or it's the extremist Telibanesque rule from now on! Oh and we nearly forgot: SHUT UP and sit down.

Hosni Mubarak fought the Israelis in three wars and almost succeeded in the last one in 1973, had it not been for Saudi Arabia's moustache less tactics. Funny how the "missing tache" bunch have never taken on Israel that they are supposed to be working against. But they have killed tens of thousands of Muslims across the world of Islam under their wonky interpretation of the faith.

Does anyone know where the Salafi and Wahabi gangs began? If you don't, find out soon otherwise you risk losing your country and living in absolute slavery for as long as the "tache amiss" gangs have not passed their sell-by date for the US, Britain and France; and that could be decades' away.


+ Nader Mokhtari ; ٢:٤٢ ‎ب.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ۱۱ امرداد ،۱۳٩٠
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Heil Sturmbannführer Obama

Heil Sturmbannführer Obama

By: Kian Mokhtari

Let me see now where can I start.

The first black US president gets behind a podium, delivers a key speech and declares himself, to be a follower of the "science cult."

And at my age I thought I had experienced all –other than death- that life could have thrown at me.

The Science cult is closely associated with National Socialism and indeed the Nazi super weapons and concepts stemmed from an absolute belief that science could bring the Third Reich salvation from the Allies' relentless attacks on Germany that –thank God- eventually saw to the back of the Nazis and their gang.

President Obama bellowed into the microphone: this is a world of science and knowledge. But would you not know it all the calculations in the world will not be able to rescue the US out of a $20 trillion debt, unless of course more markets for its weapons are found.

And sure enough, they are being created under different pretexts by the US and Western military industrial complex.

Immediately following the Obama speech almost the entire Libyan navy equipped with Russian corvettes was attacked and put beyond repair. Oh NATO has been doing its job alright, in Libya, but instead of concentrating its attacks on saving civilians it has been taking out the Libyan armed forces Russian made weapons and heavy infrastructure far from the battlefield.

In Iraq today you would find it hard to spot a single major Russian or Chinese-made weapon. Russian T-72 tanks are soaking up the sun in the desert while the expensive to operate and unsuitable US M-1 Abram tanks wear the livery of Iraq's armed forces. The same story repeats itself in Afghanistan.

So the very countries being spared the rather cinematic "cries for freedom" and the massive military attacks by the US and its Western allies, are those who are not only toeing the US line but also are purchasing American and Western manufactured weapons at break neck speeds while sacrificing the future growth and development of their lands to the US military industrial complex.

Libya is getting bombed and reeling under sanctions for Gaddafi's dictatorial rule, while in Bahrain where the Al Khalifa family spends a handsome amount of their people's cash, without popular consent, on US-made weapons, dialogue we are told by the US president is the only way ahead. People are dying under torture in Bahrain as we speak!

"Who do you think you're kidding" Mr Obama?

In Saudi Arabia generations of decent, ordinary folk have had their cries for justice stifled. Not only have the US, Britain and other Western powers been aware of the torture houses of Al-e Saud, but in fact they have been lending a hand with torture techniques in Al-e Saud's medieval jail houses. And all because the kingdom has been keeping the US economy ticking over nicely, via purchases of military hardware worth trillions over the years.

But the sense of urgency, ambiguity  and confusion in President Obama's speech had nothing to do with freedom; no sir.

The US short term debt ceiling has to be raised from $14.29 trillion to $20 trillion. And the only way the US can do that is through major increases in the sales of its military junk overseas. New markets –previously the domain of the Soviet Union – have to be opened up so America keeps its "triple A" credit rating and the dollar scam proceeds to "where no man has been before."

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:٠٤ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ۳٠ اردیبهشت ،۱۳٩٠
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Bin Laden dies in a hail of bullets

Bin Laden dies in a hail of bullets!

By: Kian Mokhtari

A dark cloud has been lifted from the skies of Afghanistan and Pakistan's northwest regions.

The infamous, firebrand, Saudi born, head of Al-Qaida has been hunted down and killed in a compound in Pakistan by the US and Pakistani special forces.

Funny thing about Pakistan's tribal agencies is that not so long ago they bristled with color and beauty and were famous tourist destinations. Cultures almost untouched by time went about their daily routine unafraid of bombs, bullets and so-called militants. Peace used to prevail there.

Then came the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980s, and all changed. The Afghan mujahidin, not so secretly aided by the US government, began a mighty fight-back to retake their ancestral lands from the Godless soviets.

The entire area was turned upside down as the then two mighty world superpowers slugged it out; and the fate of peaceful and colorful communities in Pakistan's tribal regions was sacrificed to the fight.

The first signs of trouble came in 1998 when the US submarines in the Sea of Oman fired Cruise missiles at a compound in Afghanistan. Very few people knew who Al-Qaida was or indeed what Al-Qaida meant at that time. But that was put right with the Sep 11, 2001 events.

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 atrocities but to date no definite proof has been provided that any group other than Al-Qaida had been behind the attacks on the twin towers and the Pentagon; however that issu of "who's done it" belongs to the grander scheme of things.

The frightening thing is what has been happening to the communities in Pakistan's northwest: beaten down and intimidated on a daily basis by extremist Wahabi elements, funded by certain characters in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the communities have shed their colorful clothes and way of life, abandoned their thousands of years old culture, have become invisible and lost their individual identities.

Terror and terrorism exacted a most heavy price on their previously picture postcard lives. Poverty, hunger and war descended upon them and blighted anything they ever held dear. Saudi born Bin Laden's lunatic followers took away education from women and men alike and replaced it with explosive vests and Kalashnikov rifles. Tourism died and with it all hope of the locals for leading full, fruitful lives.

Pakistan became a battle ground as Afghanistan reeled under another invasion and occupation. And the rest has been recorded by the world media: minute by minute.

Meanwhile the irresponsible actions of a self-proclaimed holy man cost the lives of a million Iraqis and tens of thousands of Afghan and Pakistani civilians.

Terror, terrorism and tyranny are not dead, sadly, and cannot be buried with Bin Laden and his accomplices. But hopefully his death will provide justifiable reasons for the foreign forces present in the region to leave in large enough numbers to allow peace to return.

The world community's next major hurdle is to destroy tyranny wherever it is found to be flourishing. From Myanmar to Morocco, from Waziristan to Washington, tyrannical ideologies and loony tune schools of philosophy and theosophy must be challenged and defeated, so the good people of the world can sigh a relief. Shamanistic leaders with violent agendas –whatever else their disciples may choose to call them- must be discarded once and for all from the troubled and tragic chapter of human existence.  


+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:٥٩ ‎ب.ظ ; دوشنبه ۱٢ اردیبهشت ،۱۳٩٠
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None of Us Are Free


"None of us are free"

By: Kian Mokhtari

"Many Bahrainis blame British national Ian Henderson for the recent violent crackdown on thousands of pro-democracy protesters"; and not without good reason. From Africa to the Middle East, over the last fifty years, wherever Britain's Colonel Ian Henderson has lent a hand to oppressive regimes, reports have emerged of physical, psychological and sexual abuse of political detainees.

Mr Henderson's line of work is to suffocate the cries for justice. Mind you he is certainly not the first, nor will he be the last for as long as humanity takes pleasure in inflicting pain on its own. Ian Henderson's connection with Bahrain goes way back a long way. He served as the head of Bahrain's state security for thirty years until 1998. During his time in the post, he got fabulously rich through introduction of torture techniques to take the edge off the dissenting Bahraini voices. Dozens of reports have been made about his ill treatment of political prisoners to the UN, but to date, none have been acted on by the world body –probably because there's no money in it.

Ian Henderson physically took part and pleasure in the gruesome proceedings of his deviant practices as many older Bahraini Shia citizens would certify.

In his advanced years now, the aging sadist is grimly hanging on as advisor to his raggedy-headed majesty, king Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa.

And wouldn't you know it the all out assault on Bahraini Capital Manama's Pearl Square by the Bahraini army had in fact been planned by Mr Henderson. The crackdown left seven dead and hundreds of others wounded. People where even shot at with large caliber machine guns as they made their way to the hospital to find their friends and loved ones.

The raggedy king, whose name and title is longer than Bahrain's coastline, praised his murderous mercenaries for killing his dissenting subjects after the military assault on Pearl Square.

But the demonstrators have seen it all before, especially during the 1980s when the Shia population was mercilessly "put into its place" by Isa al-Khalifa's torturers. The Bahraini people now want king Isa bin whatever, to end his cruel imposition on the Persian Gulf Island. The freeloading, out of touch and glove puppet raggedy doll monarch must vacate his many palaces and take off.

Meanwhile a good cop, bad cop routine -probably also devised by Mr Henderson- has come into play. The Bahraini Crown Prince Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa -al-whatever feels good- "graciously" stepped in and ordered the army to leave Pearl Square.

This is absurd.

So where was the supposedly reform-minded prince all these years? Womanizing abroad or at home like many other raggedy-phony princes from propped up raggedy monarchies in that part of the world?

In any case, the Crown Prince Sheikh Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa is said to have ordered the military to withdraw from the streets.

However shortly afterwards, protesters stormed the square and took it back. The police fired round after round of teargas and rubber bullets. In fact so much was fired at the protesters that the police ran out of ammunition. And then the "police surrendered".

At this moment his raggedy majesty, king Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa is attempting to hold national dialogue with a nation he has never legitimately ruled over.

This in utter desperation to hang on to his sorry throne.

The streets of Bahrain's capital, Manama are roaring with the sounds of a very long overdue revolution. Massacres of the innocent, torture by hired mercenary deviants like Henderson or heavy police and army crackdowns will no longer suffice. The king is a lost cause and princes from his "right royal household" also must lend an ear to the people's calls for justice.

The people of Bahrain would be well advised to make the necessary arrangements for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Raggedy, glove-puppet, Western oriented Sheikhdoms are an embarrassment.


+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱۱:۳۳ ‎ب.ظ ; پنجشنبه ٥ اسفند ،۱۳۸٩
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Sailing through the Suez

Sailing through the Suez

By: Kian Mokhtari

Blimey, the dollar and the euro go belly up against the Swiss franc; Tel Aviv says it’s a "provocation"; Washington winces and it's all because two Iranian warships are on their way to the Suez Canal.

But hardly anyone even spares a second glance when a US and a French aircraft carrier, each the size of a mountain, enter the Persian Gulf trailing an Israeli nuke capable submarine. The US naval fighter jets take high speed runs at Iranian airspace and that is not called a provocation. Even the French Rafael fighters make runs at Iranian naval bases –at least one with disastrous results for the frog leg-munching pilot and his aircraft. But no, that is not a provocation so we are told by the Western "sans tambour ni trompette" media.

But a single deployment of two Iranian naval vessels to the Mediterranean to ensure safety for Iranian commercial shipping as Egypt teeters on the brink of chaos, and howls of foul go up from every Western satellite nation you can find; though granted the nations in question are steadily shrinking in numbers because their glove puppet regimes are falling one by one.

Iranian Navy will take special care not to visit Bahrain; what with its king busy murdering his opponents to save his sorry robes and jalopy throne held up with sticky tape, made in the US and Britain. Of course his secret police's many jailhouses that have been busy torturing his disgruntled subjects for the last four-decades have also done their bit to help his "royal" cause.

The US and environmentalists however, have every right to be concerned about Bahrain. The island serves as a base for the US 5th fleet and is as such the largest convenience facility for the American sailors –incidentally Washington has been known to call ablution "strategic."

For the environmentalists however the concern is what could end up in the waters of the Persian Gulf with tens of thousands of American sailors and airmen denied Bahraini washrooms!

As far as the Iranian Navy is concerned a tour of the Mediterranean might not be such a bad thing for the sailors and officers onboard its ships, as they get a much cherished opportunity to get away from the heat and the humidity of the Persian Gulf waters. Also with the Egyptian military out of sorts for the minute, there's no telling what might happen to the Suez Canal and the commercial shipping thoroughfare. Especially since Britain, France and Israel have had their beady eyes on the control of the canal ever since losing it to its rightful owner, Egypt, in 1956.

But that is neither here nor there; Iranian ships can sail anywhere they want so long as they adhere to the UN laws on high seas. And given the meticulous nature of discipline within Iran's armed forces, no mishaps are likely. Unless of course Tel Aviv is busy yet again with its sorcerers' cauldron packed with endless conspiracies and tricks.

So let Israel be warned that its witches' "double, double, toil and trouble" efforts might backfire. "Let sleeping dogs lie" has always been the best policy in my opinion, having lost a chunk or two of muscle when I woke up the dogs during my childhood.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ٥:۱٩ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢٩ بهمن ،۱۳۸٩
    پيام هاي ديگران ()