Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between

By: Kian Mokhtari

Diplomats from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council Britain, France, Russia, China and the United States plus Germany (P5+1) once again ended a meeting over Iran's nuclear energy program without agreement.

And the scratched record of the Anglo-US rhetoric played on incessantly leading to the meeting, and after it was declared "inconclusive."

Inconclusive was the word ancient Athenians used to use whenever they got a good kicking from their foes. For instance, their navy was turned into matchsticks around 400BC at the 'Battle of Artemiseum' after an encounter with a female Iranian naval commander (Artemis). But they called the naval battle's result: inconclusive!

And the Western habits have not changed much from the good old days.

Beijing which has come to a better understanding of the US shenanigans for some reason, sent a lower-level diplomat to signal its reluctance to back sanctions as pushed by the West.

And as for Russia, its Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov struggled to describe inconclusive to the reporters. He said, "We had a very sober assessment…it is inconclusive in the sense that we did not make any decisions right away."

The IAEA has conducted countless inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities over many years and has confirmed the non-diversion of nuclear material in the country's nuclear facilities and even in the plants still under-construction.

It has become very hard for the international community bar the US and the UK, to treat the whole affair with anything other than serious reservations. After the Bush-era "laptop evidence" charade, the London Times "exclusive" turned out to be clumsy Mossad forgery affair and several million Western allegations of Iranian attempts at militarization of its nuclear program, Iran is still quietly chugging along with its civilian nuclear energy program having never broken a single NPT rule.

Red-faced British and American officials have now shuffled back to Washington and London to come up with another "cunning plan" to extend their rule over the world's natural energy resources; which is what the English speaking world is really up to with upward of 200,000 troops, thousands of tanks and aircraft in the Middle East region.

The Anglo-American key to holding the rest of the world to ransom, over the next fifty years, is exercising control over most of the world's energy reserves via breaking down the last major obstacle -i.e. Iran. But the snag is that the rest of the world has wised up to the grand scheme and the list of Iranian non-aligned friends now includes some very big names.

The US is aware that it cannot stretch its military anymore for possible major campaigns in Yemen and Somalia. Obama has hinted that the so-called anti-al Qaida fight in Yemen is likely to amount to drone attacks, similar to those conducted in Pakistan.

But even that latter option is looking like a very distant figment of some destitute Washington strategists' imagination as things stand financially at present. Also more dead civilians will only result in more local young men preparing to fight, in any way possible, the attempted Anglo-US takeover.

Anglo-Americans are somewhere between a rock and a hard place and they are wounded and bleeding severely. Things are now likely to go badly enough this time for them to order a full retreat instead of a "withdrawal" and admit defeat instead of shouting "inconclusive" from their broken mizzen masts, adrift in the Indian Ocean.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:۳۱ ‎ق.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ٢٩ دی ،۱۳۸۸
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Kabul Chaos

Kabul Chaos

By: Kian Mokhtari

Following months of trying to gauge their unguided artillery rockets to strike at the heart of Hamid Karzai's government in Kabul without success, the cross-eyed Taliban artillery "experts" have finally given up and have decided to take English lessons so at least they can read the CIA instructions manuals on using 80mm unguided artillery rockets effectively.

But still this is a major improvement on the other instruction manuals made available to the Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists which were written in Hebrew, and were lost without explanation on the way to be translated in Pakistan 's North West .

Having given up on landing rockets even within near vicinity of their intended targets, the Taliban militants came up with a better idea than wasting ammunition. They sent a party of militants to attack Kabul on foot armed with city maps and compasses so they do not get lost in the city --the plan worked.

In a frenzied attack, militants high on having found the actual buildings they were meant to strike, killed at least 15 people and wounded 38 others in Kabul . A number of buildings were attacked including the central bank, two shopping centers, a cinema and the only five-star hotel in Kabul; a convincing enough effort for the Western public to cough up yet more taxes on US-led foreign adventurism anyway.

"The militants detonated several bombs inside the buildings and also blew up an ambulance in front of the interior ministry but failed to enter the building after facing fierce resistance from the Afghan police" –presumably so the world is convinced of the dedicated Western efforts to train Afghanistan’s own security forces.

Press TV reported, "Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has claimed responsibility for Monday's attacks, saying that 20 militants were sent to various government buildings."

The above being the twenty militants who could read and write well enough to find their objectives; the Taliban have probably given up on the rest as 'missing in action' or as 'missing at the local bazaar' busy selling the Zionist army's old standard-issue compasses!

The Kabul spectacle leaves the gates of Afghanistan open to "Obomba's" thirty-thousand troop surge. Obama is now also armed with ample excuses and room to follow up the latest surge with even more troops to hang around in the region for years.

After the attacks, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he wanted to "assure the inhabitants of Kabul that the security situation is under control and order has once again been restored."

Not bad for a president under siege in his own palace who can't even get around Afghanistan in a helicopter escorted with fighter jets.

Karzai is a hostage to the US-led whims and demands and his position is not enviable by any stretch of the imagination. The problem is even if all regional countries join in to bring security to Afghanistan, the US-led coalition will find a way of imposing their presence.

The Anglo-American grand plan is designed for elsewhere in the region; Afghanistan serves the Western interests as just a peripheral safety cushion against a potentially vexed future China.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:٢٦ ‎ق.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ٢٩ دی ،۱۳۸۸
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By: Kian Mokhtari

Stoic is according to the Oxford Dictionary: "A person who is able to suffer pain or trouble without complaining or showing what they are feeling."

But stoicism is a far cry from pacifism. Stoicism is most subtly witnessed in the very British game of Croquet. The gentle game of knocking a ball through some hoops on the grass is as a matter of fact one of the most vicious games ever invented. The unrecorded toll of psychological damage wrought by players on one another would make the Crimean War look like a tea party.

And strangely enough afternoon tea and scones are often served to the players during the game. Croquet captures and encapsulates the highly charged human instinct for aggression within the principles of 'white torture'.

Human psyche is mercilessly assaulted in the most pleasant surroundings one could ever imagine. A village green in Britain's Cotswolds with smartly dressed, well-spoken locals is hardly anyone's picture of open warfare.

But in little Britain where winning the annual best homemade jam prize at the village green fair can become a bone of contention over many generations, attrition on an unimaginable scale takes on a facet of its own, presented with a most respectable façade of lightheartedly taking part in a not too serious pastime.

Stoicism is therefore not about nonviolence, it is about simmering aggression relieved through infliction of psychological torture over long periods of time. Stoicism is about afflicting your opponent so that their defeat is absolute, unquestionable and final. To win at the stoic battle front information about your opponent and every aspect of his or her state of mind and details of life is vital.

A funny little difference pointed out in the book "The Moon's a Balloon" by the late British actor David Niven most eloquently confirms the point made above through looking at differences between British and American architectural styles. Niven says that the British houses barely have a front yard, however most have ample backyards often fashioned into twee little gardens with high hedges on either side so British neighbors learn as little as possible about each other's habits. While in the US the front yards are immense and not much attention is spared for the backyard.

The less one's opponent knows about your home life the better you are likely to do in a game of Croquet against him; oh yes the game is that vicious. Little wonder then, that on the international scene Britain is continuously busy presenting a united front; a facade of a kind of British society that has never truly existed.

Little Britain has become a multi trillion-dollar tourism industry built on extraordinary fairy tales, flights of fancy and imaginative calculation by authors and scientists. Regardless of the monarch in power, the people of Britain have done little other than contribute to a fragmented national identity whose cracks have been carefully covered over and this effort for a country that has been less than kind on many occasions. Even in the case of King George III, whose weak planning and leadership lost the British Empire a colony we have come to know as the USA, and who suffered from madness for much of his advanced years, was served dutifully by his subjects as a Monarch.

The stoic warfare strategy paid off right up until Tony Blair went and spoilt it all by opting for the decidedly different American political architecture of wide open front gardens without that crucial spinal cord of Britishness; that mighty centre of world operations: the humble but secretive British back garden.

Politics and political ideologies do not make Britain, although the British brand of diplomacy was until recently an unrivaled art. The British take pride in their ranks because of the sheer limits they have set for enduring hardship and pain, all within a struggle to break free of the fiscal confines forced upon their Island by its lack of resources and "splendid" isolation.

The strategy of stoicism is about viewing domestic impediments as advantages in the field of battle. The fight for "the blighty" rages still from a twee village green in Worcestershire or Surrey in Britain, all the way to Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada.

Reactionaries, better known as rebels are mere victims whose bitterness of defeat has rendered blind to all advantages even if they are surrounded with heavenly gifts and temperate geographic location. A stagnated sate of philosophical defeatism begins where patience for the game begins to end.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:٠٥ ‎ق.ظ ; دوشنبه ۱٤ دی ،۱۳۸۸
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Three-D Downward Spiral

Three-D Downward Spiral

By: Kian Mokhtari

According to eyewitness accounts two unmarked US transport aircraft landed in the dead of night in the Yemeni capital Sana'a on Wednesday Dec 30, 2009. The aircraft delivered a number of US troops to the country and departed. There are no credible reports of follow up US troop or equipment arriving in Yemen although rumors are rife among the locals that a number of US cargo planes have landed since the above date with equipment including "very thin helicopters," possibly referring to the Cobra helicopter gunships used extensively by the US Marines for close air support and "counter insurgency" operations.

And as predicted (Kayhan International, Viewpoint column, Dec 30, "What's the Fuss About?") the UK has announced that it is to follow US intervention in Yemen.

10 Downing Street has announced that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US President Barack Obama have agreed to fight "terrorism" in Yemen and Somalia. The two countries with proven reserves of light sweet crude oil and gas are also located in two highly strategic geographic locations: both at the mouth of the Red Sea leading to the Indian Ocean.

But the US has already got itself tangled up in a war in Yemen after sending its special forces to "train" the Yemeni military and conducting air raids in both northern and southern parts of the country.

On December 18, ABC News quoted US administration officials who let slip that the US Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Barack Obama, had ordered the US military to launch air strikes on Yemen. This came after a December 17 US air raid in the North of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, under the pretext of neutralizing "an imminent attack against a US asset."

The attacks killed scores of civilians and the US President announced a massive failure of "American intelligence" on Jan 2nd, 2010!

And on Sunday, Jan 3rd CBS television broadcasts were quoted that the recent attacks on supposed Al-Qaeda positions in Yemen, included Cruise missile strikes by the United States. CBS also quoted Sebastian Gorka, a US special operations expert stationed in Yemen who said, "It was cruise missile strikes in combination with military units on the ground."

The statement at least and at last confirms the local Yemeni accounts of the not so secret arrival of US COMBAT troops in Yemen in addition to American personnel in training and support roles for the country's army.

And thus the Anglo-American attempted takeover of the world energy reserves that began with the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq proceeds into the next phase.

Where will it all be leading to and when will it stop?

The answer is quite obvious to most experts although the world of Islam does not seem to have caught on to the "audacity" of the plan. The world of Islam failed to grasp the aims of the First Crusade -which was to capture al Quds- around a thousand years ago. As a result the defense of the Holy Lands was disjointed and the Crusaders took the city and exacted a most horrifying revenge on the Jewish and Muslim communities there.

But the latest escapade by Britain and the US in addition to their satellite nations threaten the entire world's energy security as well as the sovereignty of dozens of powerful nations dependent on the Middle East for their energy requirements. The latest Anglo-American move does not only threaten the world of Islam, it is and should be considered a menace on a global scale and must be dealt with as such.

An independent and highly dedicated body of men known to be capable of giving the US forces a bloody nose, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps(IRGC), is clearly beginning to worry the warring Noble Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama.

So new targeted sanctions against the IRGC are getting a mention by the White House; because taking the men of the force on in battle will return a similar experience to the one, the Zionist entity's army received in its 34-day war against Lebanon in 2006.

The Anglo-American forces and militant political apparatuses seem hell-bent on realizing their dreams, but facts on the ground speak of a disorganized, disjointed, and badly confused military campaign bound for hell through failure of intelligence.    

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱۱:٥٩ ‎ب.ظ ; یکشنبه ۱۳ دی ،۱۳۸۸
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What’s the Fuss About

What’s the Fuss About?

By: Kian Mokhtari


Let’s ask the entire world why there is such a fuss being made about Iran?

Most free minded people are aware that the pretexts for the invasion of Iraq have turned out to be a pack of lies. Anti-war demonstrators in the US and Britain, have routinely held up banners that read: “No blood for oil.”

This is because the anti-war camp in the UK and the US have known for a very long time that the existence of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq and the so-called “war against terrorism” elsewhere served as mere pretexts for massive military takeovers of energy resources rich countries outside the US and UK corporate control. There is no talk of human rights and the total absence of democracy in the oil and gas rich Middle Eastern countries which are “allied” to the US. There is no pressure on any of them to dump their plans for attaining nuclear energy. In fact even if there are major political issues within such countries they are quietly and quickly swept under the carpet.

And as if by magic a supposed Muslim bomber trained by Al Qaeda in the oil rich southern Yemen props up and tries –very unsuccessfully- to blow up a plane bound for the US. Is this the justification thought up in London and Washington for the burgeoning US military presence in Yemen we ask ourselves? And how long will it take before the British soldiers join their American co-conspirators?

With Iraq under occupation, Saudi Arabia and the UAE already under political control and now Yemen’s vast oil and gas rich south steadily garrisoned by the US forces, around half of the world energy reserves fall under the UK/US control.

The odd country out in the Middle East is Iran, with the world’s third largest oil, and second largest gas reserves.

So new pretexts have to be thought up to bring Iran’s resources under control!

Should they succeed, the US and the UK would be sitting on the world’s lifeblood and will be able to blackmail the rest of the world, including all the EU nations -bar Britain that is already in on the act.

Do Germany and France know that their new found prominence in the EU means nothing if Britain and the US control the entire Middle Eastern energy reserves?

A pretext to destabilize Iran was not long in the making. Cockamamie allegations of election fraud backed by rent-a-crowd tactics failed as the massive popular support for the Islamic Republic became clear. So other avenues had to be explored. The failed US and British shock and awe tactics following Iran’s presidential elections were revised and replaced with a street war of attrition strategy -involving a mixture of rent-a-crowd and mislead public demonstrations.

But the failure of the US/UK attempted coup in Iran, and its significance has not been lost on three major powerhouses i.e. Russia, Japan and China. Energy hungry Japan and China have cottoned on to the audacity of the Anglo-American plan. With no natural energy resources of their own, both countries rely heavily on the Middle East for their needs and both countries shun being underdogs to globally dictatorial militant regimes of Britain and the US.

Does anyone realize why Russia and China resist sanctions against Iran now? Does anyone understand why the Zionist controlled mouthpieces keep alleging that Iran is after nuclear weapons despite dozens of IAEA reports that give Iran’s civilian nuclear energy program a clear bill of health?

The attempted Anglo-American takeover of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s energy resources and thus a total advantage over their global rivals will prove a bridge too far. We in Iran counter Obama’s “audacity of hope” with audacity of reason. Our revolution was audacious and we remain vigilant while we advise the world against being taken in by the Anglo-American dark forces of exploitation and colonialism.

In the words of George Jacques Danton, the great French revolutionary: Il nous faut de l’audace, et encore de l’audace, et toujours de l’audace— "We need audacity, and yet more audacity, and always audacity!"

After the shameful Ashura Day MI6/CIA orchestrated protests, Obama has predictably condemned what he calls “Iran's crackdown on protesters”. On Monday, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband also hailed what he called the “great courage” of those who took part in the illegal protests.
Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned the British Ambassador to Tehran, Simon Lawrence Gass, to let the “little man” know what’s what and what’s not!


+ Nader Mokhtari ; ٦:٥۸ ‎ب.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ۸ دی ،۱۳۸۸
    پيام هاي ديگران ()