A Man for Quattro Stagioni


A Man for Quatro Stagioni

By: Kian Mokhtari

The Iranian Embassy in Rome has made a request to visit Hamid Masoumi-Nejad, a veteran Iranian reporter jailed in Italy on charges of "arms trafficking."

Now then, that sounds really serious that, believe it. It’s the Italian Job innit?

Fettuccini, Anti-pasti, Bolognese and forgive me for that nonsense, anyone guessed I don't speak Italian?

Right you are!

But I have seen Tuscany and Venice, and Bolzano and Milano and Rome… at the best time in life when my heart was an open book. Great pity the Brits have bought up, their entire Tuscan obsession's worth of real estate in Tuscany. It's sort of like a denim patch that you don't want but without it you'd feel embarrassed.

According to reports, Italy arrested at least seven people on Wednesday, including two Iranians, accusing them of smuggling weapons to Iran in violation of an international arms embargo. We are gob smacked that anyone might ever imagine that we'd be forced to break international laws. But then again those who regularly do break the international laws…set the rules.

What is the charge, taking camels to Arabia or tea to China? Iran builds its own weapons and many in the West argue that they may not be the most advanced…but hell they work. Weapons from abroad may be likely but not through a reporter, the most high-profile job in the entire universe --other than an internet game-character perhaps.

Masoumi-Nejad is a "vocal critic of Berlusconi-led Italian policies, (who) had received repeated threats from Italian authorities over his hard-hitting coverage of the scandal-ridden Berlusconi government and its increasingly intimate ties with the Israeli regime."

"Benito" Berlusconi has made the wrong choice but he is goingto  find out in the long term. And since he intends to live forever via genetic rejuvenation specialist clinics in Beverley Hills, he will get his just desserts. Please everyone, do not assume the worst. It maybe that he is innocent and will even be granted sainthood by the next pope.

Stranger things have happened: a man walked on the moon almost five decades ago; believe it or not!

But let's tell you this: most have to work for a living and they instinctively know that good people do not live "THAT GOOD."

So Iran is still trying to work out what the commotion is all about; but in any case "Iran's ambassador to Italy Mohammad Ali Hosseini has made an official request to meet with Masoumi-Nejad four days after his arrest and subsequent imprisonment in the northwestern city of Turin."

That far up north is in the Northern League territory. The Northern League, oh yeah, they support Mussolini's granddaughter who believes Firenze is a southern sponge!

But the northern League is voracious about trade.

In fact Pasta found its way to Italy via Russian travelling-salesmen who went from Iran to Italy. So the Persian word "Rashta" was spelt out in Cyrillic on the packets: PASTA.

This is the root of proud Italian Pasta: from Iran, like a lot of other things.

So Berlusconi is going against the natural flow of things in which case he'd be Fettuccini. Fettuccini is a flat "thick" noodle made of egg and flour wider than but similar to what's called tagliatelle elsewhere in Italy.

Let' hope Silvio Berlusconi is not a stromboni, especially after all the pasta.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱۱:۱٧ ‎ب.ظ ; یکشنبه ۱٦ اسفند ،۱۳۸۸
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Grand Theft Las Malvinas

Grand Theft Las Malvinas

By: Kian Mokhtari

Yet another diplomatic row has erupted between Argentina and Britain over the disputed Islas Malvinas which is claimed as sovereign territory by Buenos Aires and an overseas territory by London.

Britain's 'Desire Petroleum' has begun drilling the first well in the Malvinas, causing an outcry in Argentina.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, whose country has claimed the South Atlantic islands since Britain occupied the archipelago in 1833, says Latin American leaders back her objections to the UK exploration off the Malvinas -known in English as the Falkland Islands.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has already said, "British sovereignty in respect of the Falklands is absolutely clear in international law ... There is no question about it…the exploration that is going on off the fully within international law, fully based on precedent."

But the UN begs to differ with British protestations because unless evidence has been falsified again to vilify yet another nation by the British politicians, the UN still classes the archipelago as occupied territory and does not recognize British sovereignty in any way, shape or form.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has weighed in and said his country supports Argentina unconditionally. He said at a regional summit in Mexico, "That sea and that land belong to Argentina and to Latin America."

The regional summit of 32 leaders in Cancun, Mexico has decided to create a new regional bloc that excludes the US and Canada. The new block is to serve as an alternative to the Organization of American States (OAS), which has seen Washington and Ottawa keep Latin America under their heavy-handed control for over 50 years.

The latter development will leave a lasting mark on what many Latin Americans protest as unpopular British policies shoved down their throats for centuries. Fortunately, with the new Latin American bloc forming, Argentina is no longer alone in facing a venomous adversary like Britain.

It is difficult to imagine that Britain can claim a territory 12,000 kilometers away and proceed to rape its resources while the archipelago's rightful owner looks on in disdain. But the weakness and lack of international cohesion over the last two centuries have provided countries like Britain and the US with ample opportunity to do what they please.

Not anymore.

We oppose the state sponsored terrorism of Britain, the US and the illegal Zionist entity in our region with the same fervor that Argentineans and Latin Americans reject unlawful grand thefts of their resources in their continent.

Milibands, Browns and suchlike dubious greasy characters no longer fool anyone with their jest and fancy. If Latin America is serious about coming together they must unite to wrestle back Argentina's sovereign territory from illegal occupation and exploitation of its resources by Britain. If required, London must be "shaken and stirred" out of its Imperialist ambitions once and for all.

But the struggle will not be painless given, the nature of Anglo-American regimes are relevant to WMD and terrorism.



+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:۱۸ ‎ق.ظ ; جمعه ٧ اسفند ،۱۳۸۸
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Sort It Out Barack Mate


Sort It Out Barack Mate!

By: Kian Mokhtari

Iran's parliament speaker has advised the US president to "do something about" his secretary of state because she is jeopardizing US interests, says Press TV website.

Ali Larijani has said in Majlis (Iran's parliament) "Mr. Obama you should do something about your secretary of state before it's too late. It seems like she is still stuck in election rivalries. She is harming US national interests."

Larijani was referring to recent comments made by Hillary Rodham Clinton during her visit to Saudi Arabia about Iran turning into a "military dictatorship."

To be honest old Hilary has not had the best of times as a US Secretary of State: coming to office bang in the middle of a major world recession, with her country reeling under two major wars in the Middle East –started by the previous administration- and the US domestic policy in tatters.

But then again she has not really managed to grasp the enormity of the task ahead. She seems to be learning the trade on the job; this is most obvious in her failure to consider the consequences of her words and actions. Instead of behaving with the precision of a bomb disposal officer in an explosive situation, she has opted instead for a full frontal assault into the minefield of international intrigue.

As for calling Iran a military dictatorship well, with around three hundred thousand foreign troops in the region and threats of military action every five minutes over the last thirty years from the US and its allies –not forgetting the hash made of Operation Eagle Claw- America must take some responsibility for edging Iran toward military minds.

The sheer aggression created instinctively in Iran's armed forces every time they have to stay up a couple of hours longer because a higher state of alert has been issued by central command is becoming a bit of a nuisance. Let's give you an example: American occupation forces in Iraq kept putting up recognizance UAVs over Iranian territory. The US was warned via a variety of diplomatic channels at first. Then the IRIAF fighter pilots began shooting the drones down. Undaunted, the US began to send the drones up with a fighter escort dangerously close to Iran's border. Last time an Iranian fighter put a missile up a drone that had strayed over the border irrespective of the US escort.

The idea for Mrs Clinton is to deescalate tensions so the two countries begin to parley; not escalate an already complex situation. President Obama has said he wants to talk to Iran. It does not make much sense for his Secretary of State to come to the region and start "blagging" her mouth off against Tehran.

Nothing will be achieved through not talking so the best approach for Mrs Clinton would have been to get her worries off her chest having first moved to arrange an environment conducive for face to face talks -in line with her boss' wishes.

But, Hilary has done this wherever she has gone. I don't know of another US Secretary of State who has managed to cheese off most of the world in just one year. At the end of the day the US weaknesses are abundantly clear to the rest of the world and this is no time for grand boasts. Why should she make life even more difficult for President Obama? It's not as if he does not have his hands full.

Iran is this, that or the other; may be or may be not! The US ain't exactly perfect given it's been at war almost non-stop since WW1. The US military industrial complex and its activities aren’t exactly conducive to a leading democracy are they?

So why should Iran be expected to behave in a holier than thou manner when the first world nations are busy causing human rights scandal after human rights scandal. If the West wants to lead the way with its liberal democracy then it has to lead by example.

Phone taps on its own citizens, torture, war and the US head of National Security Dennis Blair's gem of a bill to assassinate US citizens on suspicion of anti-American activities anywhere around the globe, cannot be called leading by example.

But let's face it running a country like the US with its humongous foreign ambitions cannot allow for benevolence. So anything America says or does is to do with getting in three billion dollars, each day, to serve its economic survival.

And Mrs Clinton can make life a little easier for everyone by getting off her high horse. Humanity is aware of its shortcomings; getting up the stool and shouting out the problems in abusive language is not much of an achievement now is it in all fairness?

People, all over the world, want to hear about solutions and have them implemented so they can have better lives; so sort it out Barack mate, please!






+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:٤٤ ‎ق.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ٤ اسفند ،۱۳۸۸
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Bloody but Unbowed


Bloody but Unbowed

By: Kian Mokhtari

How desperately messed up can a has-been superpower get?

The answer could easily be found, literally, written on the US Vice-President Joe Biden's forehead; well perhaps not so much written as ink marked in a gesture of sympathy to Dalai Lama.

The White House has done all it can to upset China in recent years but Beijing put up with it all because the markets used to be beneficial to its dollar based economy. However the Eastern powerhouse is now lumbered with trillions of US paper dollars and bonds that it cannot -despite all of its ingenuity- find a way to offload without triggering a global run on the US currency that would take China's own economy with it.

Then there is the terrible realization for China that the US and its allies are loitering in the Middle East so they can exercise complete control over most of the world's cost effectively extractable energy resources.

And Iran has once again become hostage to the bitter fortune of its abundant natural wealth and strategic geographic location.

The entire world is aware that should Iran fail, all hope for freedom from the terrible clutches of the English-speaking world, will disappear -perhaps forever. Generations of slaves will be born and trained to serve immune to the horrific reality that surrounds them; always stunting their growth in every direction encapsulated in a psychotic and dizzyingly colorful pseudo-reality: where sanity is statistical.

The power equations currently being pursued by the English-speaking world require all nations to serve as slaves; it must gain absolute control. How else can it continue to record history in its favor after China has been broken?

In the sci-fi movie 'Matrix', the main character 'Neo' living a so-called life in a digitally engineered virtual world is given a stark choice: You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

I have come to believe that Neo took the red pill because the complex algorithmic anomaly in his program was actually simple human curiosity.

The facts are obvious enough, there is no recovery for the US from a $60 trillion debt unless control of energy reserves forms a tangible backbone for its "world reserve" currency. So the English-speaking world and its allies have not so much thrown a siege around Iran to contain the Islamic Republic, they have done so to keep everybody else out. The Zionist vision for the rest of the world it seems is the creation of one big Gaza.

The Anglo-American enforced exclusion of nations includes Russia; but why Russia? After all it has its own boundless energy reserves; why should it be kept out of Iran?

The Caucasus region is the soft underbelly of Russia according to British Imperialist doctrine. It is where the bear can be gently prodded or fatally wounded as is required. Is Russia foolish enough to believe that a 1953 style CIA/MI6 backed overthrow in Iran or tougher sanctions would not eventually affect its southern borders? Has Kremlin forgotten the velvet revolutions, the color revolutions, and the Georgian adventures or is the giant bear just too comfortable in its fur to notice the frosty Western blizzards beginning to blow up its belly?

Bulgaria and Romania seem to have chosen the blue pill with regards to the US missile plans for Europe. And an American proposed reduction in nuclear stockpiles is little more than a vindictive calculus of probabilities. With the US missile interceptors in place and a much reduced Russian nuclear stockpile, America will gain the upper hand.

So the idea is to take Iran on first through the available means. For now at least with Afghanistan acting as a buffer between the West and China, the vital missing black-gold-chess-piece, the Islamic Republic, can be slowly worked on vis-à-vis the UN Security Council; provided Kremlin and Beijing are cajoled into conceding to the Western powers' demands via a series of checks en route to a checkmate.

And we imagined that the Russians were the masters of the game of chess.

Imperialism has not ceased to blight human communities throughout written history; it is perhaps only a twist of fate that Imperialism's own survival should come to hinge on the very region of its cradle.

Chickens have come home to roost have they not?



+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:۳٧ ‎ق.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ٤ اسفند ،۱۳۸۸
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