Sort It Out Barack Mate


Sort It Out Barack Mate!

By: Kian Mokhtari

Iran's parliament speaker has advised the US president to "do something about" his secretary of state because she is jeopardizing US interests, says Press TV website.

Ali Larijani has said in Majlis (Iran's parliament) "Mr. Obama you should do something about your secretary of state before it's too late. It seems like she is still stuck in election rivalries. She is harming US national interests."

Larijani was referring to recent comments made by Hillary Rodham Clinton during her visit to Saudi Arabia about Iran turning into a "military dictatorship."

To be honest old Hilary has not had the best of times as a US Secretary of State: coming to office bang in the middle of a major world recession, with her country reeling under two major wars in the Middle East –started by the previous administration- and the US domestic policy in tatters.

But then again she has not really managed to grasp the enormity of the task ahead. She seems to be learning the trade on the job; this is most obvious in her failure to consider the consequences of her words and actions. Instead of behaving with the precision of a bomb disposal officer in an explosive situation, she has opted instead for a full frontal assault into the minefield of international intrigue.

As for calling Iran a military dictatorship well, with around three hundred thousand foreign troops in the region and threats of military action every five minutes over the last thirty years from the US and its allies –not forgetting the hash made of Operation Eagle Claw- America must take some responsibility for edging Iran toward military minds.

The sheer aggression created instinctively in Iran's armed forces every time they have to stay up a couple of hours longer because a higher state of alert has been issued by central command is becoming a bit of a nuisance. Let's give you an example: American occupation forces in Iraq kept putting up recognizance UAVs over Iranian territory. The US was warned via a variety of diplomatic channels at first. Then the IRIAF fighter pilots began shooting the drones down. Undaunted, the US began to send the drones up with a fighter escort dangerously close to Iran's border. Last time an Iranian fighter put a missile up a drone that had strayed over the border irrespective of the US escort.

The idea for Mrs Clinton is to deescalate tensions so the two countries begin to parley; not escalate an already complex situation. President Obama has said he wants to talk to Iran. It does not make much sense for his Secretary of State to come to the region and start "blagging" her mouth off against Tehran.

Nothing will be achieved through not talking so the best approach for Mrs Clinton would have been to get her worries off her chest having first moved to arrange an environment conducive for face to face talks -in line with her boss' wishes.

But, Hilary has done this wherever she has gone. I don't know of another US Secretary of State who has managed to cheese off most of the world in just one year. At the end of the day the US weaknesses are abundantly clear to the rest of the world and this is no time for grand boasts. Why should she make life even more difficult for President Obama? It's not as if he does not have his hands full.

Iran is this, that or the other; may be or may be not! The US ain't exactly perfect given it's been at war almost non-stop since WW1. The US military industrial complex and its activities aren’t exactly conducive to a leading democracy are they?

So why should Iran be expected to behave in a holier than thou manner when the first world nations are busy causing human rights scandal after human rights scandal. If the West wants to lead the way with its liberal democracy then it has to lead by example.

Phone taps on its own citizens, torture, war and the US head of National Security Dennis Blair's gem of a bill to assassinate US citizens on suspicion of anti-American activities anywhere around the globe, cannot be called leading by example.

But let's face it running a country like the US with its humongous foreign ambitions cannot allow for benevolence. So anything America says or does is to do with getting in three billion dollars, each day, to serve its economic survival.

And Mrs Clinton can make life a little easier for everyone by getting off her high horse. Humanity is aware of its shortcomings; getting up the stool and shouting out the problems in abusive language is not much of an achievement now is it in all fairness?

People, all over the world, want to hear about solutions and have them implemented so they can have better lives; so sort it out Barack mate, please!






+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱٢:٤٤ ‎ق.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ٤ اسفند ،۱۳۸۸
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Three-D Downward Spiral

Three-D Downward Spiral

By: Kian Mokhtari

According to eyewitness accounts two unmarked US transport aircraft landed in the dead of night in the Yemeni capital Sana'a on Wednesday Dec 30, 2009. The aircraft delivered a number of US troops to the country and departed. There are no credible reports of follow up US troop or equipment arriving in Yemen although rumors are rife among the locals that a number of US cargo planes have landed since the above date with equipment including "very thin helicopters," possibly referring to the Cobra helicopter gunships used extensively by the US Marines for close air support and "counter insurgency" operations.

And as predicted (Kayhan International, Viewpoint column, Dec 30, "What's the Fuss About?") the UK has announced that it is to follow US intervention in Yemen.

10 Downing Street has announced that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US President Barack Obama have agreed to fight "terrorism" in Yemen and Somalia. The two countries with proven reserves of light sweet crude oil and gas are also located in two highly strategic geographic locations: both at the mouth of the Red Sea leading to the Indian Ocean.

But the US has already got itself tangled up in a war in Yemen after sending its special forces to "train" the Yemeni military and conducting air raids in both northern and southern parts of the country.

On December 18, ABC News quoted US administration officials who let slip that the US Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Barack Obama, had ordered the US military to launch air strikes on Yemen. This came after a December 17 US air raid in the North of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, under the pretext of neutralizing "an imminent attack against a US asset."

The attacks killed scores of civilians and the US President announced a massive failure of "American intelligence" on Jan 2nd, 2010!

And on Sunday, Jan 3rd CBS television broadcasts were quoted that the recent attacks on supposed Al-Qaeda positions in Yemen, included Cruise missile strikes by the United States. CBS also quoted Sebastian Gorka, a US special operations expert stationed in Yemen who said, "It was cruise missile strikes in combination with military units on the ground."

The statement at least and at last confirms the local Yemeni accounts of the not so secret arrival of US COMBAT troops in Yemen in addition to American personnel in training and support roles for the country's army.

And thus the Anglo-American attempted takeover of the world energy reserves that began with the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq proceeds into the next phase.

Where will it all be leading to and when will it stop?

The answer is quite obvious to most experts although the world of Islam does not seem to have caught on to the "audacity" of the plan. The world of Islam failed to grasp the aims of the First Crusade -which was to capture al Quds- around a thousand years ago. As a result the defense of the Holy Lands was disjointed and the Crusaders took the city and exacted a most horrifying revenge on the Jewish and Muslim communities there.

But the latest escapade by Britain and the US in addition to their satellite nations threaten the entire world's energy security as well as the sovereignty of dozens of powerful nations dependent on the Middle East for their energy requirements. The latest Anglo-American move does not only threaten the world of Islam, it is and should be considered a menace on a global scale and must be dealt with as such.

An independent and highly dedicated body of men known to be capable of giving the US forces a bloody nose, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps(IRGC), is clearly beginning to worry the warring Noble Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama.

So new targeted sanctions against the IRGC are getting a mention by the White House; because taking the men of the force on in battle will return a similar experience to the one, the Zionist entity's army received in its 34-day war against Lebanon in 2006.

The Anglo-American forces and militant political apparatuses seem hell-bent on realizing their dreams, but facts on the ground speak of a disorganized, disjointed, and badly confused military campaign bound for hell through failure of intelligence.    

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱۱:٥٩ ‎ب.ظ ; یکشنبه ۱۳ دی ،۱۳۸۸
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Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

By: Kian Mokhtari

It is hard to describe the sheer numb-headedness of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ recent decision to shy away from getting surplus oil off the market. Most economists within OPEC’s executive echelons were livid with the impotence demonstrated in making hard decisions to suit the current economic climate.

Like rabbits caught in the headlights of a fast approaching freight train the OPEC resolve deserted it when it was most required. The OPEC is heading back to its 1980s near demise and it has fallen at the first hurdle of Western con-artistry yet again.

Mr Ben Bernanke of the US Federal Reserve says the recession will most likely be over by the end of 2009. It has not occurred to anyone to ask Bernanke just what he is basing his predictions on; or indeed which orifice he is speaking out of.

A slight financial upward blimp has sent the Western conmen out to do the world out of yet more money. Has it not occurred to anyone that the microscopic improvement in liquidity may be the result of extra Christmas and New Year public spending and that with the US unemployment fast approaching ten percent the trend is a very thin bubble?

We are not proposing to hurt our customers here through our insistence on production cutbacks; it is just that there simply is no extra demand in the oil market and there is not going to be increased demand anytime soon; not even if Bernanke predicts pulling a miraculous economic rabbit out of some nook and cranny!

OPEC members either do not understand who they are dealing with out there in the “Wild West” or are quietly aiding a scandalous scam.

Let us explain exactly what OPEC is dealing with:

The White House says it's trying to put strict limits on the next $30 billion installment in taxpayers' money for American International Group (AIG). This is because AIG went ahead with $165 million in top executive bonuses payments from the federal rescue money it received from the US government under the stimulus plan.

President Barack Obama and his top aides have expressed outrage at being so easily conned by an institution that clearly does not give a damn. Obama said Monday, "I mean, how they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?"

The financial bailout program is imposed on the US public and is totally reviled because hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have gone to prop up fraudulent financial institutions when the US taxpayer has done nothing wrong to be forced to pay the price.

Obama administration officials say the US Treasury has determined the government is without legal authority to block the current payments by AIG. But it gets worse still: the $165 million payout is just part of a larger total payout reportedly valued at $450 million!!!

It is quite clear that a bunch of fat cat bankers do not give a hoot about the US public or indeed the government and also come under nobody’s authority. If the Western financial institutions’ top executive can trick their own out of zillions in cash, why should certain OPEC members feel that the same institutions may spare even the slightest thought about ripping OPEC off?

OPEC members must come to their senses soon or face extinction in the global financial jungle.

+ Nader Mokhtari ; ۱۱:٢٥ ‎ق.ظ ; چهارشنبه ٢۸ اسفند ،۱۳۸٧
    پيام هاي ديگران ()