For Oil, BP and St George

For Oil, BP and St George

By: Kian Mokhtari

Ossetia, according to Wikipedia is “an ethno-linguistic region located on both sides of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, largely inhabited by the Ossetians, an Iranian people who speak the Ossetic language (an Eastern Iranian language, Indo-European group of languages). The Ossetic-speaking area is divided by the main Caucasus ridge.”

An instinctively independent people, having distinguished themselves during WWII against the Nazis and later, against the communist rule, South Ossetians do not number much more than one hundred thousands -for all their fierce reputation.

Their main income is through taxation on goods passing through a long tunnel between North and South Ossetia.

South Ossetians are hardly a threat to anyone living their lives out in a somewhat forgotten corner of the world among themselves.

That is until the neo-Cross of St George freak show entered Tbilisi to accommodate the movement of oil and gas to the West via British Petroleum pipelines and machinery. Mikhail Sakhashvili was placed on the “throne” after a cotton revolution –or was it velvet revolution; some rags to riches Western cooked scheme anyway.

And what son of St George would hesitate to attack Indo-Europeans.

At university, a friend once asked an English student to elaborate on British hostility toward Iranians. He was told in no uncertain terms that Iranians were an Indo-European (Aryan) tribe who carried the “Empire building gene” and the world could only contain one such entity. The English person in question is now a top executive with British Petroleum Company.

So a forgotten bit of territory that until the recent attack by Georgia could not even be located on a map by most people is being beaten on because of oil, Sakhashvili brand of hot headed Georgian nationalism and speaking an Eastern Iranian tongue.

South Ossetians do not want to carry Georgian passports in their homeland and it is as simple as that. Abkhazians next door feel the same way but they have not been singled out for annihilation; presumably because they do not speak an Indo-European language and thus do not possess Empire-building genes!!!

The proponents of the tired old legend of St George should really attack California, USA. It has the highest concentration of Iranians speaking an ancient Indo-European language called Farsi. But sadly there is no oil there and its governor is currently struggling to pay the state’s municipal bills.

Mr Sakhashvili has lost the plot it seems, trying to take on Russia and its mighty armed forces. Did the Georgian President expect his British allies to rush to his side and attack Russia?

Russian abstinence from eating Georgia whole is admirable to say the least. Russia sent a single brigade -76th airborne- to repel Georgian military attacks against its peacekeepers, thereby containing to the region the conflict ignited by Georgia.

Even the US President Bush told Georgia to sling its hook elsewhere.

Just what was Mr Sakhashvili trying to achieve? Initiating Large-scale military action in the Caucasus region is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible acts that any world leader could possibly attempt in today’s world.

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