Just Bees and Things and Flowers



By: Kian Mokhtari

London is just beginning to get back to life again; what with the recession easing and pullout dates set for never ending wars in faraway lands with names that the British still continue to confuse out of habit.

This time it’s the suburbs that are showing signs of getting back to normality of sorts. People are out enjoying a better than hoped English summer and the shops and cafes are beginning to regularly get filled with a new generation of "I am too sexy for my shirt" young crowds.

But move in toward the traditional hubs of total decadence in London and it’s a totally different story. It is almost as if someone has finally let slip that the ongoing recession and wars' main financial casualties have been the "upper middle classes" as they call themselves.  They seemed to be in a collectively bad and aggressive mood. In many ways the realization has come far too late for too many that good old Britain cannot survive the "old" tag and that a new Britain is emerging faster than many would have ever wanted.

Even the millionaires are braving life in the once dreary suburbs to be at least alongside the in-crowd. And to be fair the old garden suburbs are not half as bad as they were once imagined to be by the well-heeled.

"England is falling the crowds are singing; the last of Sunday bells are ringing."

There was a time when England meant something very defined indeed.  But Britain and good old England are evidently no longer as the remnants of the skinheads get it from the new model citizen gangs like the South East Asian Youth Posse. Even the likes of Mr Tony Blair are not entirely to blame; although they cannot pass the buck for having hastened the transmutation of the old model into somewhat an unexplored territory.

Summer 2010 was a soul searcher not only for WASPs but for those who in happier days of queen and country shared a very much cherished glance at what Britain was capable of bringing to so many.

I wonder what people my age would pay to be able to go wild at Glastonbury just one more time, just like back in the days when the innocence of going wild had not deserted all; when designer jeans and $9 burgers could not even be imagined at a music festival. And, when all young men or women felt they needed to take out with them were their youthful energy and their fresh from college wits; although the latter was surplus to requirement -quickly discarded when the band on the podium roared into life.

Just Bees and things and flowers in the sunshine…the peaceful view of a future world my generation fought for and empowered. Let us hope the war will not be lost to any kind of theological Puritanism.

Let us hope the youth of our future global societies are not fooled by persons in funny robes from any religion, who claim links to the divinity while they quietly molest children and amass wealth at any cost.      


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