A Man for Quattro Stagioni


A Man for Quatro Stagioni

By: Kian Mokhtari

The Iranian Embassy in Rome has made a request to visit Hamid Masoumi-Nejad, a veteran Iranian reporter jailed in Italy on charges of "arms trafficking."

Now then, that sounds really serious that, believe it. It’s the Italian Job innit?

Fettuccini, Anti-pasti, Bolognese and forgive me for that nonsense, anyone guessed I don't speak Italian?

Right you are!

But I have seen Tuscany and Venice, and Bolzano and Milano and Rome… at the best time in life when my heart was an open book. Great pity the Brits have bought up, their entire Tuscan obsession's worth of real estate in Tuscany. It's sort of like a denim patch that you don't want but without it you'd feel embarrassed.

According to reports, Italy arrested at least seven people on Wednesday, including two Iranians, accusing them of smuggling weapons to Iran in violation of an international arms embargo. We are gob smacked that anyone might ever imagine that we'd be forced to break international laws. But then again those who regularly do break the international laws…set the rules.

What is the charge, taking camels to Arabia or tea to China? Iran builds its own weapons and many in the West argue that they may not be the most advanced…but hell they work. Weapons from abroad may be likely but not through a reporter, the most high-profile job in the entire universe --other than an internet game-character perhaps.

Masoumi-Nejad is a "vocal critic of Berlusconi-led Italian policies, (who) had received repeated threats from Italian authorities over his hard-hitting coverage of the scandal-ridden Berlusconi government and its increasingly intimate ties with the Israeli regime."

"Benito" Berlusconi has made the wrong choice but he is goingto  find out in the long term. And since he intends to live forever via genetic rejuvenation specialist clinics in Beverley Hills, he will get his just desserts. Please everyone, do not assume the worst. It maybe that he is innocent and will even be granted sainthood by the next pope.

Stranger things have happened: a man walked on the moon almost five decades ago; believe it or not!

But let's tell you this: most have to work for a living and they instinctively know that good people do not live "THAT GOOD."

So Iran is still trying to work out what the commotion is all about; but in any case "Iran's ambassador to Italy Mohammad Ali Hosseini has made an official request to meet with Masoumi-Nejad four days after his arrest and subsequent imprisonment in the northwestern city of Turin."

That far up north is in the Northern League territory. The Northern League, oh yeah, they support Mussolini's granddaughter who believes Firenze is a southern sponge!

But the northern League is voracious about trade.

In fact Pasta found its way to Italy via Russian travelling-salesmen who went from Iran to Italy. So the Persian word "Rashta" was spelt out inCyrillic on the packets: PASTA.

This is the root of proud Italian Pasta: from Iran, like a lot of other things.

So Berlusconi is going against the natural flow of things in which case he'd be Fettuccini. Fettuccini is a flat "thick" noodle made of egg and flour wider than but similar to what's called tagliatelle elsewhere in Italy.

Let' hope Silvio Berlusconi is not a stromboni, especially after all the pasta.

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