Bland Lives, Plastic Styles and Toothy Smiles


Bland Lives, Plastic Styles and Toothy Smiles

By: Kian Mokhtari

Below is the list of Native American tribes whose names begin with “A”. Each had their own language, culture, dress code and way of life. Since the 17th century they have all been gradually wiped out by the European settlers arriving in what is known today as the United States of America.

A'ananin (Aane), Abenaki (Abnaki, Abanaki, Abenaqui), Absaalooke (Absaroke), Achumawi (Achomawi), Acjachemen, Acoma, Agua Caliente, Adai, Ahtna (Atna), Ajachemen, Akimel O'odham, Akwaala (Akwala), Alabama-Coushatta, Aleut, Alutiiq, Algonquians (Algonkians), Algonquin (Algonkin), Alliklik, Alnobak (Alnôbak, Alnombak), Alsea (Alseya), Andaste, Anishinaabe (Anishinabemowin, Anishnabay), Aniyunwiya, Antoniaٌo, Apache, Apalachee, Applegate, Apsaalooke (Apsaroke), Arapaho (Arapahoe), Arawak, Arikara, Assiniboine, Atakapa, Atikamekw, Atsina, Atsugewi (Atsuke), Araucano (Araucanian), Avoyel (Avoyelles), Ayisiyiniwok, Aymara.

We shall spare you the rest of the alphabetic order as you may well have grasped the scale of the tragedy just looking at the “A” listing.

Europe and Britain dumped their loony fringe Christian religious extremists into North America just so they could be rid of them and manage to end hundreds of years of religious wars in Europe. The plan worked for Europe. But an estimated 70 million native North Americans were exterminated via wars, denial of pastures, chemicals dumped in their rivers and biological warfare in the form of the common cold virus.

The poor natives who survived became a broken nation. With their braves mercilessly slaughtered, their women raped and later used as prostitutes and their tribal lands broken up and handed to the multitudes of arriving Europeans.

They were forced to listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll, drink Coca Cola and adapt to ways dictated by their new white masters.

Across the world Arab slavers were busy selling Africans to unscrupulous British salve merchants who brought the slave workforce to build a new colony in the new world.

The plan worked; and when such plans work in one part of the world for the white masters, they are put into practice elsewhere.

For instance the US and British-planned 1953 coup against Iran’s democratically elected Premier Dr Mohammad Mossadeq, was the first of its kind. But with the culprits having got back their extortionate share in Iran’s energy resources, the same plan was put into practice in at least a dozen other countries that possessed resources or strategic geographic prominence useful to the Europeans and their American cousins.

Cultures that had stood the test of time for thousands of years were wiped away from the map of human progression to bring ever greater riches and political power to the West.

The whole tragic affair resembles certain ‘Star Trek’ TV episodes in which the ‘Borg,’ a make belief race of androids attempt to take over the universe. They destroy or “assimilate” whoever stands in their way in a senseless expansion of a collective robotic mindset and do away with everything else. They exhibit no desire for negotiation or reason, only to assimilate.

“The Borg manifest as cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species, organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind. The Borg possess millions of vessels having conquered thousands of systems. They operate solely toward the fulfilling of one purpose: to "add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to their own" in pursuit of perfection. This is achieved through forced assimilation, a process which transforms individuals and technology into Borg, simultaneously controlling individuals by implanting or appending synthetic components.”

Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan contain a myriad of subcultures that have existed for thousands of years. They have their distinct architecture –should one bother to look closely enough- and dress code. Even their methods for mixing and applying color to everyday objects used to differ. This included a variety of ways to dye fabrics and leather. Take one look at excising color photographs captured in the early 1970s by Western tourists, of Waziri tribes in Pakistan. The differences in their codes of dress and color to the rest of the country would astound anyone who is following events via the current Western news reports.

They are being slowly assimilated.

What future awaits all those who take their cue from the Borg hive mind? Take one look at Hollywood and the answer maybe close at hand.

A nightmarish scenario of bland lives, plastic styles and toothy smiles fail to cover up the awful truth that Elvis died of an overdose in a toilet; that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and that JFK was hostage to Mafia to keep a lid on his extramarital affairs.

Resistance is not futile, it is enlightening.





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