Sanction my boots while you are at it


Sanction my boots while you are at it!

By: Kian Mokhtari

The US has imposed unilateral sanctions on ten Iranian firms and –wait for it- five individuals allegedly affiliated to the Islamic Republic Iran Shipping Lines and Mellat Bank. The sanctions have arrived on the very same day Iran announced the time and the place for its talks with the P5+1 -- Britain, China, France, Russia and the US plus poor old Germany at the back of the queue somewhere.

These latest round of sanctions have come pretty early really, considering Tehran was getting used to US sanctions imposed half way through the talks with the P5+1 until now. So Iran must have made another technological breakthrough to help it get passed another one of its perceived obstacles in the future that we the Iranian public do not know about yet. But no doubt when the occasion arrives the nation will be told about it.

Yawn; this is all getting pretty boring for generation X-ers like myself who like a rather more lively tempo in life despite approaching old age and possible dementia after too many trips to Glastonbury. Oh Iran this and Tehran that and here's another round of sanctions.

But then you look at the trade figures and blimey it is rockin' mate. Trade is up by almost twenty percent between Iran and the countries that are declaring sanction after sanction against Tehran. Just how is that possible eh?

Also during the time that George W Bush was in office "givin it all that" about Tehran, Iran-US trade shot up from $500million to $5billion; that just can't be, can it?

It can you know and here's why: Trade in our world is about market economy. In any marketplace you have buyers and sellers. Now if you have a market stall and put out decent goods at a fair price, there will be buyers. Let's put this the other way round; suppose you're out shopping minding your own business and some market stall happens to have what you want at the price you can afford. You'd haggle a bit of course but there will be no power on earth that can stop you from making the transaction. It's all legal and above board.

Accordingly, no power on earth is going to be able to stop trade from flourishing in a market environment as thrust upon us by the gurus of market economy in the West; believe it they managed to defeat socialism with that argument! "Lights go out, walls come tumbling down" as Paul Weller another famous generation X-er once bellowed out; respect Paul!

Now I wear a pair of US army surplus boots, use a Zippo lighter and drive around in a Chevy Camaro in my Levi jeans with Ray Bans on in downtown Tehran; and I feel like a gzillion tomans (a toman is ten rials by the way).

What cold hearted generation Y-er is going to take that away from me? One who has never had the pleasure of living his or her youth as he or she wished. A complete party pooper for whom letting his or her hair down must have insincere socially acceptable boundaries. A "goody two-shoes" who even cheated to make the best grades at college, just to keep daddy happy enough to inherit his wealth; excuse me I feel sick already.

If you are going to sanction Iran you'd better start by sanctioning my American army surplus boots before they start doing the thing other than walking that they were supposedly made for!  


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