From This Moment On

From This Moment On

By: Kian Mokhtari

 “We shall never turn a blind eye to our national principles and ideals…and will remain faithful to Al-Quds and the al-Aqsa Mosque and all sanctities of Islam and Christianity…we shall guard them with our lives and through our hearts. We will support the Palestinian residents of the Occupied Al-Quds and the occupied territories who have risen up to protect the al-Aqsa Mosque.”

The above is part of the Hamas Islamic Resistance declaration on the 22nd anniversary of its foundation on Dec 14, 2009.

There is a small slither of overcrowded, malnourished and bruised land whose population is made up of Arabs from all over a country that was once called Palestine. They were marched by force from Ashkelon, Sderot, Beersheba, Ashdod, Netivot, Eshkol, Tulkarm and numerous other villages, towns and cities as far as Haifa by a well armed, determined and politically and racially motivated European paramilitary. They were packed into the Gaza strip; a piece of land whose refugee camps became sprawling cities barely able to contain the heaving mass of humanity within.

In time the confines of the Gaza concentration camp began to trouble its youth. The Youth brought up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea have far horizons and seek the sort of freedom sought by sea farers.

And yet freedom is just the another commodity denied the wave of Palestinian patriotism and instincts for survival; because survival is impossible without freedom. This is the reason why perhaps, that a very believable and highly calculated 3D portrait of freedom has been constructed to contain Western communities. But funding such an artificial status quo would cost the Earth. And it is costing the Earth to keep it going.

Oh those darned “Palestinian terrorists” this, and “militant Hamas movement” that and yet those nice Israelis killing babies in Gaza are absolutely right to do so, costs money to instill in the Western public’s mind.

What happens if the money for the operation fails to materialize?

Alternative news agencies and countless humanitarian NGOs’ voices become audible all of a sudden and gradually the message begins to get through.

The Hamas’ declaration above is from 1.5 million people whom the Zionist propaganda machine says are not human. Have no rights to live as human beings and can be discarded because they are militant, terrorist, insurgent, resurgent, Islamist, fundamentalist and did I say terrorist; I beg your pardon I am beginning to repeat myself already… just like the Western media.

The drum of ceaseless publicity against Palestine is not likely to cease because the Zionist regime is going the same route of Nazi justification for extermination of people they did not like. It’s an old formula whose ingredients are:

1. Defame the assumed enemy’s leaders.

2. Defame their social structure.

3. Defame their security apparatuses.

4. Defame their ideals and attempt a take over.


The architect of the formula was a Nazi called Goebbels and his entire family as well as he met a very grisly end indeed.

What is the difference between the Nazi regime whose autocracy founded the basis for purification of Europe, and the so-called modern Western societies’ practices in the removal of the entire Palestinian nation from its native lands by force?

Europe is the problem. It does not want its Jews back and now it does not want the Muslims there either; because these foreigner fuzzy wazzys interfere with its neo-Nazi dream of democratic existence: In the way that the Jews rather messed up the Nazi theories on race and culture.

The whole of Europe became guilty of collaboration with the Nazis once Adolf’s circus arrived in town. The Italians blamed their racism on Mussolini, the French on Marshal Petin’s Vichy government and so on and so forth across a continent that assisted the Nazi ideology so it could rid itself of the Jews.

And in the end the Jews had to go anyway, anywhere, and Palestine was just across the water, underdeveloped, undefended and peaceful.

The quest for the freedom of Palestine from occupation and denial of basic human rights will never cease. It is human nature.

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