Three-D Downward Spiral

Three-D Downward Spiral

By: Kian Mokhtari

According to eyewitness accounts two unmarked US transport aircraft landed in the dead of night in the Yemeni capital Sana'a on Wednesday Dec 30, 2009. The aircraft delivered a number of US troops to the country and departed. There are no credible reports of follow up US troop or equipment arriving in Yemen although rumors are rife among the locals that a number of US cargo planes have landed since the above date with equipment including "very thin helicopters," possibly referring to the Cobra helicopter gunships used extensively by the US Marines for close air support and "counter insurgency" operations.

And as predicted (Kayhan International, Viewpoint column, Dec 30, "What's the Fuss About?") the UK has announced that it is to follow US intervention in Yemen.

10 Downing Street has announced that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and US President Barack Obama have agreed to fight "terrorism" in Yemen and Somalia. The two countries with proven reserves of light sweet crude oil and gas are also located in two highly strategic geographic locations: both at the mouth of the Red Sea leading to the Indian Ocean.

But the US has already got itself tangled up in a war in Yemen after sending its special forces to "train" the Yemeni military and conducting air raids in both northern and southern parts of the country.

On December 18, ABC News quoted US administration officials who let slip that the US Nobel Peace Prize laureate President Barack Obama, had ordered the US military to launch air strikes on Yemen. This came after a December 17 US air raid in the North of the Yemeni capital, Sana'a, under the pretext of neutralizing "an imminent attack against a US asset."

The attacks killed scores of civilians and the US President announced a massive failure of "American intelligence" on Jan 2nd, 2010!

And on Sunday, Jan 3rd CBS television broadcasts were quoted that the recent attacks on supposed Al-Qaeda positions in Yemen, included Cruise missile strikes by the United States. CBS also quoted Sebastian Gorka, a US special operations expert stationed in Yemen who said, "It was cruise missile strikes in combination with military units on the ground."

The statement at least and at last confirms the local Yemeni accounts of the not so secret arrival of US COMBAT troops in Yemen in addition to American personnel in training and support roles for the country's army.

And thus the Anglo-American attempted takeover of the world energy reserves that began with the illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq proceeds into the next phase.

Where will it all be leading to and when will it stop?

The answer is quite obvious to most experts although the world of Islam does not seem to have caught on to the "audacity" of the plan. The world of Islam failed to grasp the aims of the First Crusade -which was to capture al Quds- around a thousand years ago. As a result the defense of the Holy Lands was disjointed and the Crusaders took the city and exacted a most horrifying revenge on the Jewish and Muslim communities there.

But the latest escapade by Britain and the US in addition to their satellite nations threaten the entire world's energy security as well as the sovereignty of dozens of powerful nations dependent on the Middle East for their energy requirements. The latest Anglo-American move does not only threaten the world of Islam, it is and should be considered a menace on a global scale and must be dealt with as such.

An independent and highly dedicated body of men known to be capable of giving the US forces a bloody nose, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps(IRGC), is clearly beginning to worry the warring Noble Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama.

So new targeted sanctions against the IRGC are getting a mention by the White House; because taking the men of the force on in battle will return a similar experience to the one, the Zionist entity's army received in its 34-day war against Lebanon in 2006.

The Anglo-American forces and militant political apparatuses seem hell-bent on realizing their dreams, but facts on the ground speak of a disorganized, disjointed, and badly confused military campaign bound for hell through failure of intelligence.    

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