Arab Spring…Extreme Rebound

Arab Spring…Extreme Rebound

By: Kian Mokhtari

The talk on the streets: do you know so and so; yeah he burnt himself to death after the thieving police took his fruit cart!

And with a few words similar to the above the Arab Spring sprang into life in Tunisia. And soon after Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Libya and Syria began their social rumblings.

Zein al Abedine Ben Ali of Tunisia was sent packing in a matter of six weeks. And then a peculiar keep them hanging transitional government was formed to see the country through to free and fair elections. But more than six months on and why are we waiting?

Egypt's autocratic and authoritarian ruler, the least likely candidate to fall, and, "easy peasy lemon squeezy" just after three weeks it was goodbye to the thirty-year rule of Hosni Mubarak. It took the people only 21 days to bring down Mubarak, a ruler feared throughout his country and the Arab world for his conning and political durability.

In Bahrain things got so bad for the former sheikh and "Johnny come lately" self-proclaimed "King", Hamad Bin Issa al Khalifa, that he had to run to his overlords. Soon the US Defense Secretary at the time Robert Gates was in Manama and almost the moment he left Saudi forces poured into Bahrain to kick the hell out of the peaceful protesters in what many called an illegal invasion. Washington argued that the Saudi forces had entered via a request by king Hamad's regime, therefore calling it an invasion would be passé.

But free men and women in the world remembered another invasion at the request of a minority government: that of Afghanistan. The propped up minority socialist regime in Kabul called on the Soviet Union to move in its troops around three decades ago; but that was called an invasion and blimey this and ruddy that and the blooming other…and all hell broke loose. At that time it was the US who put forward the argument that an unelected minority regime could not be allowed to invite foreign troops in to keep its business in the black.

So all sorts are still happening across the Arab World and North Africa with these nondescript "transitional" states of dangly regimes that have popped up out of nowhere and who maintain the interests of the previous inhabitants of the seats of power…and their Western chums of course.

But the oddest thing is beginning to take shape still.

Just the other day in Cairo's Liberation Square around fifty thousand people gathered and would not let the other sons and daughters of Egypt join their ranks. The very angry looking bunch had one physical feature in common. They all had long beards but no mustaches! They declared that they were in it for the power via their behavior -just them- oh and by the way they openly declared that they were Salafi and Wahabi extremists. They did not say they were extremists –let truth be told—but they represented and touted beliefs prevalent among al-Qaeda and Taliban.

In Libya a very visible bunch took up guns against Colonel Moammer Gadhafi. Among them were many long-bearded yet mustache less fighters, some of whom openly declared their association with al-Qaeda.

In Syria similar looking ragtag gunmen murdered hundreds of the country's army and security forces and stormed entire cities and villages.

"Mustache amiss" must have become a call to battle like: "Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war."

The "long beards with missing taches' bunch" it appears, are in league with the very same people who just keep the poor revolutionaries hanging on via military councils and transitional-reinstatement-of-the-previous-status quo gangs.

If the US must leave the region, then you can bet your worthless bottom dollar that its proxy terrorists will remain to cause misery and mayhem to ensure the Western interests remain intact and profitable. It's a stark choice that is being offered the Arab Spring devotees: accept either the new transitional governments' nonsense or it's the extremist Telibanesque rule from now on! Oh and we nearly forgot: SHUT UP and sit down.

Hosni Mubarak fought the Israelis in three wars and almost succeeded in the last one in 1973, had it not been for Saudi Arabia's moustache less tactics. Funny how the "missing tache" bunch have never taken on Israel that they are supposed to be working against. But they have killed tens of thousands of Muslims across the world of Islam under their wonky interpretation of the faith.

Does anyone know where the Salafi and Wahabi gangs began? If you don't, find out soon otherwise you risk losing your country and living in absolute slavery for as long as the "tache amiss" gangs have not passed their sell-by date for the US, Britain and France; and that could be decades' away.


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سلام دوست گرامی ، امیدوارم حالتان خوب باشد ، بنده یک بخشی را راه اندازی کردم تا بتوانم با دوستان وبلاگ نویس تبادل لینک داشته باشم . شما می توانید به اینجا مراجعه کنید : و بعد از قرار دادن لینک وبلاگ چشمه ریگی در وبلاگ خود ، لینک وبلاگ خود را ثبت کنید. لینک وبلاگ شما ، همراه با عکسی از وبلاگ شما در لیست "لینک های تبادلی" به نمایش در می آید. پیروز باشید

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