By: Kian Mokhtari

A US National Reconnaissance Office Delta IV heavy rocket –the size of a twenty-three storey building- has just shot up into space carrying a brick house of a spy-satellite.

And it is no satellite of love –sorry to disappoint Lou Reed fans- but this is where the generation of love has ended up in. Sadly, the payload is a massive satellite designed to eavesdrop on world communications and disrupt them if it gets a chance. A satellite to stop people from talking to each other is a harbinger of one very particular horseman of the apocalypse: war.

There are some very odd people at work at the Pentagon in the US. A couple called the Bernsteins are particularly messed up. They are conceptual warfare designers. Back in the 1990s they were busy thinking up the concept of mind control via radiation omitted by satellites out in space. Sounds fantastic does it not? And yet it is true!

We are some way off the realization of the terrible nightmare but an item of news had us particularly worried the other day. There was a report on electric wheelchairs that operate via their users' minds. So all a physically challenged person needs to do is thinks left and the wheelchair goes left and so on. It takes the contraption only a few hours to learn the thought patterns of its user. But let's not delve into the future probable too much.

The US' latest satellite is a peculiar machine, able to disrupt microwaves –housewives and husbands need not panic about the Sunday roast!

Modern communication according to quantum physics -as thought up by Niels Henrik David Bohr- operates via microwaves. Wireless internet, mobile phones, encoded electronic devices, and even DVDs all run on the waves. The technology has become a byword for getting things done fast, free of extras and on the cheap.

Now if a satellite, up in the sky –forgive me but I can't get Lou Reed's track out of my mind for some reason- placed in a geo-stationary orbit around our lovely planet is strong enough to zap the microwaves, then it can disrupt anything from the internet to mobile phone networks to even traffic signals in any given geographic location.

Why would the US want the human race to stop talking to each other? According to the wheelchair bound genius- theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawkins "it's good to talk….wars have always happened when people have stopped talking."

The tragedy of the science cult in the wrong hands has been merely transferred from the Nazis to the US. It is human nature to utilize all means at its disposal to impose its beliefs perhaps; but there are so many facets to human nature, why should superiority through force of arms take precedence?

Satellite's gone way up to the sky but humanity has personal issues that simply must get sorted out before making it to "where no man has gone before."

I thank you!


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