C for Censorship

C for Censorship

By Kian Mokhtari

What work of complete tyranny: to force media to act as nothing more than mouthpieces for corporations and despots. But it's not unusual and has never been so throughout history for the powerful few to arrest the resources and bend the educated classes to pay lip service to their unjust and often dictatorial rules.

Humanity, by virtue of its own imperfect nature, has been struck down and let down time after time throughout history. No amount of flattery appears enough to appease the ruling classes and their insatiable feelings of insecurity or superiority complexes. Indeed history has itself been bent into a hodgepodge of contradictory accounts of how a few world-conquering murderers set about enriching themselves and those around them and thus a true account of the being of humanity has been lost.

In Arabic Tahrir meaning writing, also means freedom; cries of "pull the other one" rises to heavens!

Germany –that bastion of European democracy- has jumped on the British bandwagon and pulled Press TV off air. The reason SES Astra satellite service operating out of Munich has given for its dastardly ding-dong is that PTV does not have a European license to thrill. The above reason being the closest any satellite operator has come to a flimsy excuse for unbridled censorship, since Britain's Black Shirts at Ofcom pulled Press TV off air. But then again Ofcom does act as the humble rubber band that saves the British royals' blushes.

Many broadcasters into Europe do not have licenses and operate with complete peace of mind. But not many even attempt to air an alternative viewpoint; one that challenges the cock and bull version of events being provided by the rulers' mouthpieces.

Press TV has brought countless counterarguments to the fore and has shed light on the real background to many world events. Press TV's big mistake –should you choose to call it that- has been to uncover the Western rulers' atrocities, human rights abuses and double standards. For this reason alone the West and its lackeys across the globe have utilized their paid servants and unpaid and dimwitted mouth organs in an over the top operatic chorus to cause as much discourse as possible. The entire witch burning ceremony has received a rubber stamp of approval from London, Tel Aviv and Washington…and now Berlin!

It appears that the truth must be allowed to be buried once again so some time down the line the future generations form opinions that suit the world's ruling elite.    

The betrayal of truth is a theme that has run throughout human existence and has without fail led to catastrophes every time. A select few, who have chosen to uphold the truth against all odds, have been mercilessly crucified.

It is a sad account of human nature that sacrifices have to be made in the world we have built, just so truthful words can be spoken.

Iran's history however, from Cyrus the Great to Dr Mohammad Mossadegh is filled with those who choose human decency over greed.

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