Rapturous Applause

Rapturous Applause

By: Kian Mokhtari

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been given one of the biggest compliments any nation’s president could ever receive during a single presidential tenure. The Durban II conference in Switzerland was boycotted beforehand by the US, Canada, and Australia under pressure from the illegal Zionist entity and its bankers. And during President Ahmadinejad’s frank comments on the tragedy unfolding in Palestine, delegates from a dozen or so European countries walked out.

First prize goes to anyone who guesses what the countries that disapproved of Iran President’s speech and walked out or boycotted the conference all have in common?

The countries in question are all past colonialists and Imperialists who have slaughtered hundreds of millions of people across the globe over the last three-hundred years. They are all blatantly guilty of racism, exploitation, enslavement, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The fact is none of the countries in question could have actually agreed to Iran President’s speech because that would have been admittance of their own guilt in bringing misery to hundreds of millions through several centuries. They could not possibly libel themselves for fear of millions of compensation claims from their victims and victims’ families.

From tortured Africa to Asia to the Americas, the footprints of Western racial prejudice, colonialism and discrimination continue to blight world communities.

In North America alone an estimated 70 million Native Americans were wiped out to make way for European arrivals.

British ships taking slaves from Africa to America dumped countless African human cargos overboard at the first sign of disease or mutiny. And undeterred headed back to Africa to pick up more slaves to build their colonies of cruelty in the United States and Canada.

In Australia the Aborigines were hunted down like animals and slaughtered by the tens of thousands. The ritual hunts of the Aborigines were designed to resemble the foxhunts in Britain.

The misery inflicted on humanity by the European Imperialists is beyond human comprehension.

So it is hardly surprising that they’d be the ones walking out of the UN sponsored anti-racism conference. Europeans and Americans have evidently become far too accustomed to committing ethnic cleansing and genocide, and not having to pay for their crimes.

Rapturous applause by the greater majority of delegates at the conference greeted the end ofPresident Ahmadinejad’s ground shattering speech. The delegates from well over 160 nations of the world showed their appreciation for the true grit demonstrated by Iran’s President. And the irony of the compliment paid to President Ahmadinejad by the intolerance of certain countries was also not lost on the delegates.

It is indeed the greatest compliment on earth if a bunch of bigots find it so difficult to hear words on international justice that they vacate the field.

And US President Barack Hussein Obama, an African American, who came to office because the Bhambathas, Patrice Lumumbas, Martin Luther Kings, Malcom Xs and Nelson Mandelas of the world suffered duress in European and American-run jails and torture houses, should have attended if only to tell the racist, imperialist freeloaders that “change” is really happening; finally, in the 21st century world.


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